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10 Jun 2015

General Counsel’s Corner June 2015

Employee Handbooks provide an effective method of communicating to employees their rights and obligations in the workplace. When properly applied, they are also an essential element in reducing claims and shoring up defenses in employment practices litigation. All too often, however, these handbooks are not amended to keep pace with the myriad annual changes in employment law, or the requirements embodied in this “official” workplace document are not adhered to.

In order to assist our Members in addressing  the pitfalls of outdated or non-compliant employee handbooks, and as part of the NJIIF’s pursuit of a proactive safety and risk management strategy, we have developed a standard form employee manual that we are requesting all members consider adopting. In addition, in order to reduce the financial burden to our members, the NJIIF will provide legal counsel at no cost to assist each member in amending the manual to meet their specific needs.

Please contact me at enemeth@ejcounsel.com to set up an appointment to begin the Employee Handbook update process

General Counsel/Co-Administrator, NJIIF