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Chubb Cyber

Loss Mitigation for Cyber Policyholders

Chubb’s cyber policyholders have exclusive access to software and  services that  can help you identify and mitigate key cyber exposures.

Loss Mitigation Services Signature Offerings

  • Password Defense
    • Available  to Chubb’s cyber policyholders
    • Helps improve  cyber security by  maldng it  easier for  employees to create stronger passwords
    • Generates strong passwords for  websites, stores them in a  secure vault,  and synchronizes them across multiple  devices
    • Includes auto login to  websites, password benchmarking,  and notifications
    • To sign  up, visit https://go.dashlane.com/chubboffer
  • Online Cyber Security Education
    • Available to  Chubb’s cyber policyholders’  employees
    • Online training can be quickly  and easily deployed to  educate employees
    • Includes two  courses: Security Awareness Basics  and Security Awareness for Information Technology
    • Enables managers to view  employee results and course completion statistics
    • To access, visit http://www.learncyber.com/chubboffer/

Signature Assessments

Available to  Chubb’s cyber policyholders,  these signature assessments  are designed to help you quickly understand  and gauge key areas of risk.  These cost-effective consultative  engagements are offered at a flat  rate and are performed by a  select group of  companies of industry-leading  service providers.  Signature assessments include:

  • Response Readiness –  validates your incident  response plan so people know how  to correctly react to a  cyber incident
  • Information Governance – identifies  sensitive information  to help you  focus your  security investments
  • Phishing Simulation – tests your workforce with a  simulated email attack
  • Network Vulnerability Scan – tests your external network  for common vulnerabilities  that threat actors often use  to gain access
  • Security Benchmarking – monitors your  cyber security scores  from the outside-in to  help accurately measure your  security performance

To access,  complete this form – https://chubb.tfaforms.net/21