NJ Intergovernmental Insurance Fund

2021 NJIIF Cyber Training Program

We are pleased to announce that as an additional benefit to its members, the NJIIF has engaged D2 CyberSecurity to provide cyber liability training to our Member employees and volunteers. D2 has developed a Cybersecurity Online Reassurance Education (CORE) Program specifically for governmental entities in efforts to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack or data breach. The CORE program is a proven combination of courseware, phishing, and monthly e-mail briefings shown to change an employee’s behavior in the digital world. The training takes about two hours and is performed virtually.  The training covers the below courses:

  1. Web Browsing Safety                                7.  Wireless Networks
  2. Ransomware Attacks                                8.  Insider Threat
  3. Impersonation & Identity Theft                9.  Office Security
  4. Password Essentials                                 10.  Phishing and E-mail Attacks
  5. Data Security & Sharing Risks                 11.  Acceptable Use Policy
  6. Mobile Security                                          12.  Social Engineering

Course length will vary per individual based on a user’s aptitude.

In addition to reducing the risk of a data breach, completion of the D2 CORE training has the additional benefit of a reduction in Member deductible costs, wherein Member cyber liability claim deductibles for the first Cyber claim each year will be shared 50/50 between the Member & NJIIF up to $30,000 ($15,000 for member and $15,000 for the NJIIF) with the NJIIF paying the balance of the applicable claim deductible for covered losses.

We encourage all Members to take advantage of this important risk management program.

Please  feel free to contact Rija Khan (Mobile: 973-820-8844; email: rkhan@ejcounsel.com) or Eric Nemeth (Mobile: 201-522-3362; email: enemeth@ejcounsel.com) if you have any questions or wish to enroll in the D2 CORE program.”

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Founded in 1991, the NJIIF – a public entity, was created by 14 municipalities as a means of managing their Workers’ Compensation costs. In 1995, the fund increased the scope of coverage in the program to include property and casualty.

Membership in the fund continues to grow. Today, the NJIIF serves municipalities and counties statewide.

The NJIIF is a New Jersey approved, self-insured, reinsured public entity insurance pool. NJIIF offers all New Jersey public entities multiple lines of insurance including:

  • Workers’ Compensation

  • General Liability

  • Police Professional Liability

  • Public Official Liability and Employment Practices Liability

  • Automobile Coverage

  • Property

  • Inland Marine

  • Boiler and Machinery

  • Crime

  • Environmental

  • Blanket Accident for Emergency Employees and Volunteers

  •  Cyber Liability

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